New Standards Initiatives for Industry

Let The Open Group help you focus on the real work of your group

The Open Group has all of the resources, templates, and experience to help you minimize the time it takes to establish your initiative — its strategy, business plan, charter, structure, systems, and processes — so that you can get down to the real reason you got together in the first place. Unlike other service providers, The Open Group is a consortium of more than 25 years standing and applies its own tried and tested way of working, adapted to suit your unique situation.
We understand that standards initiatives are made up of competitors working together with each other and perhaps even with their customers. The Open Group way is based on fairness, neutrality, and open processes and governance to ensure that no particular party has an unfair advantage. In fact, we make it so simple that we will provide you with the use of our web-based management tool, Plato, for free. How can you qualify?

Developing industry standards?

Apply our proven and deterministic processes to your projects to reduce the time to completion and enhance the quality of the deliverables. 

The Open Group has the technology, tools, processes, and experienced staff to move your group along to consensus and to market the results.  Unlike other service providers, The Open Group is a consortium of more than 25 years standing and applies its own tried and tested way of working, adapted to suit your unique situation. Our experience includes the development of specifications and APIs, best practices, and skills standardization such as Open CA (Certified Architect) for experience-based professionals, and TOGAF® Certification for knowledge-based professionals.

Need help in making your standards impact the market?

Once you have developed your standards and best practices, The Open Group can help facilitate their market adoption so that technical interoperability and common practices between buyers and suppliers within your market is achieved, resulting in reduced customization costs and increased operational efficiency.

  • Customer Adoption   
    One of the most effective ways to facilitate market adoption of standards is for customers to require, through their procurement process, that vendors’ products comply with the standards. The Open Group can assist this process by helping customers establish procurement best practices that require conformant technology in their RFPs.
  • Implementation Tools and Workshops
    Another significant piece of market adoption is implementation. After standards have been approved, experience has shown that there is a significant need for additional training on implementation. The Open Group can work with the standards initiative to create workshops that educate vendors and customers on the best way to implement the standards and best practices, offering a way to reduce their training costs, decrease the time and resources spent on implementation, and reduce the risk of implementing the standards and practices incorrectly. 
  • Certification and Testing 
    Certification provides assurance of conformance and shows vendors’ confidence in, and commitment to, their products and people. It gives buyers confidence that products conform to standards and specifications, and are interoperable, and that individuals have the expertise and experience required to get the job done. The conformance testing services offered by The Open Group cover the full life cycle of test suite implementation and usage - from the test planning stage to the continuing alignment of the test suite with an evolving specification.


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