The Open Group Forum and Work Group Officers

ArchiMate® Forum
Assoc. Director: Kelly Cannon, The Open Group
Chair: Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie, BNP PARIBAS
Vice-Chair: Leoš Mates, DAIN s.r.o.

Architecture Forum
Directors: Mark Dickson & Daniel Hutley, The Open Group
Co-Chair: Mick Adams, EY
Co-Chair: Paul Homan, IBM

Austin Group
Chair: Andrew Josey, The Open Group
Organizational Representative, IEEE PASC: Donald W. Cragun
Organizational Representative, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22: Nicholas Stoughton
Organizational Representative, The Open Group: Eric Blake
Technical Editor: Cathy Fox, The Open Group

The Digital Practitioner Work Group
Director: David Lounsbury, The Open Group
Chair: Charles Betz, University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Software
Vice Chair: James Doss, IT Management and Governance

Platform Forum
Director/Chair: Andrew Josey, The Open Group

EMMM™ Forum
Director: Stuart McGregor, The Open Group South Africa
Chair: <vacant>

The Open Group FACE™ Consortium
Assoc. Director: Lauren Rousseau, The Open Group
Chair: Joe Carter, US Army PEO Aviation
Vice-Chair: Marc Moody, Boeing

The Open Group Healthcare Forum
Director: Dr. Jason Lee, The Open Group
Chair: Dr. Padmavathi Roy, DXC Technology
Vice-Chair: Oliver Kipf, Philips

The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum
Director: Linda Kavanagh, The Open Group
Co-Chair-Rob Akershoek: Fruition Partners
Co-Chair: Satya Misra, HCL Technologies
Vice-Chair: Etienne Terpstra-Hollander, Micro Focus

The Open Group Open Footprint Forum
Forum Director: Heidi Karlsson
Co-Chair: Johan Krebbers, Shell
Co-Chair: Sammy Lakshmanan, ERM

The Open Group Open Process Automation™ Forum
Director: Aneil Ali, The Open Group
Co-Chair: Donald Bartusiak, Collaborative Systems Integration
Co-Chair: Trevor Cusworth, Schneider Electric

The Open Group SOSA™ Consortium
Director: Sharon Langbehn, The Open Group
Chair: Dr. Ilya Lipkin, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Vice-Chair: Steve Davidson, Raytheon

Real-time and Embedded Systems (RTES) Forum
Director: Joe Bergmann, The Open Group
Chair: Glenn Logan

Security Forum
Director: John Linford, The Open Group
Chair: Mike Jerbic, Trusted Systems Consulting Group
Vice-Chair: Altaz Valani, Security Compass

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Work Group
Director: <vacant>

Open Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF)
Director: John Linford, The Open Group
Chair: Geoff Wilkerson, Seagate Technology

The OSDU™ Forum
Director: Dennis Stevens, The Open Group 
Associate Director:  Amanda Bonin, The Open Group
Chair: Patrick Kelly, Chevron
Co-Chair:  Zack Curry, AWS

Government Enterprise Architecture Work Group
Director: Pallab Saha, The Open Group India
Chair: Dave Hornford, Conexiam

Commercial Aviation Work Group
Director: Daniel Hutley, The Open Group
Chair: Sebastian Kern, Capgemini

The Open Group Platinum Members