Singapore 2018: Proceedings – IT4IT

IT4IT™ Forum

Wednesday October 31, 2018, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM SGT (Singapore)

Objective of Meeting

The IT4IT Forum members-only meetings at The Open Group event in Singapore had the following objectives:

  • Informational: Present recent work done by the Work gGoups since the last quarterly meeting to the member attendees
  • Creational: Continue current work streams or open new work streams in a working session to advance (build) that content with the input of members present
  • Relational: Use these face-to-face meetings to introduce members from around the globe to one another to improve productivity and enjoyment of the many future virtual and WebEx meeting interactions that occur for members thereafter every quarter
  • Auditable: Collect suggestions for improvement or requests for changes or additions to the IT4IT Standard or the Forum way of working from member attendees


The current content and next steps for several existing IT4IT Forum Work Groups were presented and vetted with the members present. These Work Groups included:

  • Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Work Group – working to publish a Guide in Q1 2019
  • Core Standard Standing Committee – working to publish one or more Snapshots for Version “Next” of the IT4IT RA Standard by Q1 2019 or sooner
  • IT4IT RA-based IT Operating Model – a new work stream working to sign up members to start a Work Group in this Q4 2018


Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Work Group

The members present expressed great excitement and approval of the direction of this work by our Invited Experts and cautioned that the work be firmly grounded in the IT4IT Reference Architecture by the IT4IT Forum members and IT4IT SMEs who are associated to the group.

Core Standard Standing Committee

The deep-dive into the Service Model Management content planned for the IT4IT RA Version “Next” Snapshot was strongly vetted and ultimately several suggestions for improvements were collected by the Committee Chair on the nomenclature of the data objects to return to the Standing Committee to do further refinements.

IT4IT RA-based IT Operating Model

The most excitement of the meetings was generated by this topic. Agenda time for this topic was increased on-the-fly by cancelling the Service Knowledge Management agenda item in order to allow for full discussions. The Topic Leader successfully recruited several member companies to join this work stream and will be opening a Work Group and a regular cadence of meetings upon his return from travels. The Topic Leader/Chair also collected several related resources from members present for use as inputs and boundaries for the scope of this work.

Next Steps

Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Work Group

Meeting attendees will volunteer to be reviewers for the upcoming Guide draft publication prior to Forum Review.

Core Standard Standing Committee

The Chair will produce an update to the upcoming Snapshot draft publication using nomenclature suggestions from the meeting attendees.

IT4IT RA-based IT Operating Model

The Topic Leader will open a new Work Group of the IT4IT Forum on this topic and invite the meeting attendees and any member organization of the IT4IT Forum to contribute or be a reviewer or consumer.


* Email history for this mail list can be found here. This same mail list history is also where to find notifications of Forum Review, Company Review, and Ballot opportunities for members only on the upcoming S2P Guide and Core Standard (Service Model) Snapshot that were referred to above.

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