Singapore 2018: Proceedings – Open Platform 3.0

Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

Objectives of Meeting

  • To conduct the bIoTope Advisory Board meeting
  • To update the team on advances in the O-DEF™, O-DF, and O-MI standards
  • To move forward on the development of the Reference Architecture for the Third Platform


The Open Platform 3.0 Member Meeting in Singapore comprised two parts:

  1. The bIoTope Advisory Board
  2. Forum and Standards Development Meeting

The bIoTope Advisory Board

The Open Platform 3.0 Forum advises the European bIoTope project, which aims to enable companies to easily create new Internet of Things (IoT) systems and develop smart city technologies with minimal investment. bIoTope is an early adopter of the Open Data Format (O-DF) and Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) standards of The Open Group, which were created by the Open Platform 3.0 Forum for the Internet of Things.

These IoT standards have been continually developed and validated through bIoTope for the last two years, and will soon be updated to O-MI v2.0 and O-DF v2.0. We hope to publish these new versions before the end of 2018.

We also discussed the progress within the bIoTope project, including the recent end-to-end tests in Helsinki which demonstrated the use of open standards to deliver an integrated smart charging and smart parking solution for electric vehicles.  

Given that the project will soon end, we debated how the findings and advances that the project has made could be promoted, and made more visible to people who could develop the ideas further, and adopt the standards within their own systems. Following the success our IoT Workshop at the Houston event, we hope to update our presentation materials to include the latest developments, and run similar workshops at the European events in 2019. These materials will be shared with the bIoTope team to be included in their own outreach activities.

Forum and Standards Development Meeting

The IT4IT and O-DEF Standards: Over the course of the Singapore event, we held a series of discussions with members of the IT4IT Forum with a view to incorporating the Open Data Element Framework (O-DEF) standard into the IT4IT standard. The O-DEF model would be used to formalize the IT4IT data model, and provide semantic interoperability between and within organizations that use the IT4IT Reference Architecture.

Making the O-DEF Standard Executable: We have also been working on ways to make the O-DEF standard executable, and in the last couple of months have developed a web application that we will able to host on the new website. A user interface has now been created for the app, and we have started to gather materials to be hosted on the page.

Developing a Reference Architecture for the Third Platform: Our draft Conceptual Architecture for the Third Platform has been previewed at Boeing and Maersk, and it is resonating positively with people. We have now developed an outline table of contents for a Reference Architecture document, which will explain our vision for the third platform, and show how emerging technologies can be integrated using the family of The Open Group standards.

Website Development for Open Platform 3.0: The Open Group website has recently been refreshed. We will be taking this opportunity to overhaul the Open Platform 3.0 web pages.


  • Minutes of the meeting
  • A new working collaboration between the IT4IT™ and Open Platform 3.0 Forums
  • A working draft of the Conceptual Architecture for the Third Platform
  • An outline table of contents for the Reference Architecture for the Third Platform, with authors assigned to each section

Next Steps

  • The IoT workshop slides will be recreated and updated, to prepare for a new IoT workshop to be held in the new year
  • Meetings will be arranged with the IT4IT team, and some of them will start to attend our bi-weekly O-DEF Work Group Webex meetings
    • We will work to align the ArchiMate®, O-DEF, and IT4IT definitions, and look for ways in which the O-DEF code can be stabilized, so that it can be included in IT4IT certification materials
    • It is hoped that a first draft of the new O-DEF/IT4IT data model will be ready by March 2019, and finalized by July 2019
  • Sections of the Reference Architecture have now been assigned to authors, and writing will begin on this document early in the new year
  • The new Open Platform 3.0 webpage will be drafted and uploaded in the coming weeks

The Singapore event (see the Plenary Report) also featured several presentations from the Open Platform 3.0 team:

  • Professor Kary Främling (Aalto University) presented in the Security for the Internet of Things (IoT) track (IoT Security for Smart Cities: Case Studies)
  • Florian Mayer (BMW) presented in the Tuesday Plenary on BMW’s use of The Open Group O-MI and O-DF standards to deliver an integrated smart charging and smart parking solution for electric vehicles (Breaking Up Vertical Silos in Today’s IoT-Mobility Landscape)
  • Andras Szakal and Michael Flores (IBM) presented a special session on Artificial Intelligence (Transforming Business Processes with Artificial Intelligence)

These presentations were recorded, and will soon be available on The Open Platform 3.0 Community of Interest on LinkedIn.


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