Singapore 2018: Proceedings – Government EA

Government EA Work Group

Objective of Meetings

To promote the existence and the work of the Government EA Work Group.


Two meetings were held. On Tuesday October 30, an open meeting was held to promote the group to new potential participants. Participants included Joanne Woytek, NASA, Vivek Rana, Infoassure P Ltd, Dave Hornford, Conexiam, Jim Hietala, The Open Group, and Francis Uy, Sinag Solutions. On Wednesday October 31, a members' meeting was held, which was attended by Dave Hornford, Conexiam, Jim Hietala, Sonia Gonzalez, and Steve Philp, The Open Group, and Francis Uy, Sinag Solutions.


In the Tuesday meeting, an overview of the Work Group work was held. The overview presentation will be made available to members only. In the Wednesday meeting, the group discussed outreach and marketing plans going forward for the Work Group.

Next Steps

Future open meetings for outreach purposes are planned for Scottsdale and Kochi, India. In both cases an overview presentation will be planned, as well as a case study for content.

A series of webcasts (monthly) were discussed for outreach purposes. Webcast topics for the webcast series planned are:

  • Overview of the Government EA Work Group, including deliverables and future directions
  • Francis Uy case study: Philippines Government digitization project – labor department
  • IndEA case study: potentially ask Pallab to do this on November 21 in an India-friendly time zone
  • Uruguay case study: Spanish & English
  • IBM/State of Pennsylvania
  • Australia Post

These webcasts will be done with The Open Group Government EA Work Group branding (for slides). There will be an expectation that, for webcast content, the speaker will deliver the webcast slides with speaker notes, so that the case study can be reused.

A call for case study webcasts will be put out to Work Group members to line up future webcasts.



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