Houston 2018: Proceedings - Open Process Automation Forum

Open Process Automation™ Forum

Tuesday, July 24 through Thursday, July 26

Objective of Meetings

The Forum held 2.5 days of member meetings. The objectives of the meetings were to advance the work of the Forum, especially those of the Business and Technology Work Groups (WG). The Enterprise Architecture WG also held joint meetings with the Business and Technology WGs. The Standards Body Interface WG did not meet.

The individual WG objectives included the following.

Business WG

  • Progress work on the Forum’s development of a Conformance Certification Program for the initial release of the O-PAS™(Open Process Automation Standard)
  • Ongoing review and formalizing the Marketing & Outreach plans
  • Advance work on the proposed Procurement Guide

Technology WG

  • With the first Technical Reference Model Snapshot published, determine the “next steps” and timing to issuing the first version of the O-PAS specification
  • Review and advance the work of the various Technical WG Sub-Committees (SC)

Architecture WG

  • Meet with both the Business and Technology WGs to advance joint and coordinated work on use-cases and requirements
  • Report back to the Forum on both the North American and European End-user Requirements Workshops
  • Review the status of the co-ordinated Forum Glossary


Each of the Forum WG held multiple breakout sessions to advance their own work.

The Architecture WG held a joint meeting with the Business and Technology WGs to review the results of the End-user Requirements Workshops (Americas and Europe) and presented how the Siemens Polarion tool was be used to manage requirements.

The Business WG’s Conformance SC had two joint sessions with the Technology WG to advance work on the Conformance Certification Program.

Business WG

  • Advanced work on the Conformance Certification Policy as well as the other documents necessary for the program
  • Continued to review the draft content of the Open Process Automation™ Procurement Guide
  • Reviewed and updated Marketing & Outreach plans

Technology WG

  • Reviewed current status to determine the path forward in the development of the O-PAS specification
  • Held breakout meetings of the various Technology SCs
  • Had presentations on various existing standards and technologies under consideration for the O-PAS specification

Architecture WG

  • Reviewed results of End-user Requirements Workshops with the Business and Technology WGs
  • Developed next steps for requirements and use-case activities
  • Reviewed next steps in the development of a Forum-wide Glossary of Terms


Each WG advanced their agendas on various work items on their roadmaps.

Next Steps

There is a Technical WG face-to-face meeting, hosted by Rockwell Automation, at their offices outside of Cleveland, Ohio, scheduled for August 21 through 23 followed by another face-to-face meeting, hosted by ISA at their offices in Research Triangle Park outside of Raleigh, NC on September 11 to 13.

Weekly WebEx meetings will continue to advance the work of the Forum, its WGs, and SCs.


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