Houston 2018: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners Work Group

Digital Practitioners Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The Digital Practitioners Work Group (DPWG) held members-only meeting on Wednesday, July 25. The focus of the DPWG meeting was to review the progress made during the quarter by the Work Group on development of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ (DPBoK™), determine the roadmap to move from the Snapshot to release as a Standard of The Open Group, and how to position and promote the document in the target market.

Members of the DPWG also contributed to the Plenary session “Digital First Enterprise Architecture” concluding in a panel discussion of the development of digital practitioners (see Plenary Report).


Members discussed plans for positioning of the Snapshot and the groundwork for developing a conformance program. In addition, coordination of Work Group activities was discussed with a representative of the TMForum.


The key milestone at this meeting was the publication and announcement of the Snapshot of the DPBoK (S185): Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ (DPBoK™); the Forum also published a White Paper (W186): Agile Architecture in the Digital Age.

Next Steps

The members, led by the Chair, will develop proposed positioning for the DPBoK; several members agreed to contribute additional material to the document.


Minutes and materials for the DPWG meeting are available here to members of the Work Group (which is open to all members of The Open Group).

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