Opportunity for a Lead Cloud Engineer and Developer
Competitive Salary and Excellent Benefits
Remote Worker, US-based


The Open Group, a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards, is in need of a resource responsible for leading our design and implementation of cloud-based internal solutions. The company has existing IaaS solutions running in AWS, Azure, and SalesForce, as well as other providers. Our internal customer data is hosted within SalesForce and our strategic vision is to increase use of our SalesForce implementations in support of company activities like certification and account management.

The Open Group has global staff presence to support the worldwide membership and standards activities. Staff work remotely and in country offices. The Open Group is the primary standard organization for digital transformation, agile methods, and cloud computing best practices. Our Member companies are some of the world’s largest cloud providers. As such, The Open Group must be seen to support cloud and hybrid cloud solutions internally, as well as support our standards activities that require cloud based agile DevOps.

The role requires knowledge of cloud-based infrastructure as a service on AWS and Azure. Basic understanding of SalesForce is strongly desired. Most importantly, we are seeking a resource interested in quickly learning and applying new cloud technologies and solutions. In addition, the role requires good knowledge of enterprise infrastructure, hybrid cloud solutions, and programming in Java, Python, JavaScript, Perl and YAML at minimum. Desired skills include familiarity with RedHat Linux, RedHat OpenShift, and UNIX® operating system. A good understanding and background in Agile DevOps and associated tooling like GitLab, Jenkins, etc. and an ability to quickly learn new tools and techniques.

Time spent in this role will consist of working closely with the CTO and extended technical team on leading the implementation of strategic cloud development and deployment projects. In addition, this resource will work closely with the IT Tech Team and the CTO to implement a common desktop environment, define practices and policies, and work together to enforce proper usage and utilization of company IT resources.

This resource will be responsible for establishing tooling for managing and monitoring the company’s cloud portfolio working with other Members of the infrastructure team. In time, this resource will be able to participate in Member activities that contribute to digital transformation and cloud standardization. Finally, good communication, excellent writing skills and the ability to work independently are key.

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