Certified Trusted Technology Practitioner (Open CTTP)

The Open Group Professional Certification for the Trusted Technology Practitioner Profession (Open CTTP)

The Open Group Open Certified Trusted Technology Practitioner (Open CTTP) certification is an independent global certification for qualifying the skills, knowledge, and experience of Trusted Technology Practitioners.

Open CTTP certification verifies that professionals have the qualities and skills needed to enable the application of effective Trusted Technology security practices, such as those described in the O-TTPS: ISO/IEC 20243. The key skill and contribution Trusted Technology Practitioners bring to their pursuits is the ability to advise ICT product development or manufacturing teams on how to effectively mitigate technology supply chain risks including maliciously tainted and counterfeit components.

This certification requires applicants to demonstrate skills and experience against a set of conformance requirements through written applications and peer interviews. There are no training courses to attend and no written exams to complete.

Open CTTP certification is:

  • A distinctive, peer-reviewed, vendor-neutral, globally recognized, portable credential
  • Used by the world’s leading enterprises as an objective measure of capabilities
  • A proven guide for filling critical roles and responsibilities
  • An outstanding career move

There are currently 2 levels of certification for Trusted Technology Practitioners:

  • Level 1: Certified Trusted Technology Practitioner
  • Level 2: Master Trusted Technology Practitioner

Open CTTP certification is a stepwise process, broken broken down into three stages – this allows candidates to manage their certification at a pace that is most suitable to them and start to show evidence for their expertise more quickly:

  • Step One - Obtain the required Milestone Badges (four for Level 1, five for Level 2). Candidates submit separate Milestone Application Forms, which are then evaluated independently
  • Step Two - Complete the Experience Application Form
  • Step Three - Attend a board review


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